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Poster: LAJ Date: Mar 25, 2006 1:59pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: PROCESSED FIELD RECORDINGS: Experiencing Unfamiliar Places - Reflections of Subjective Feelings

If you visit the introductory page on the website of sound artist Aaron Ximm [Quiet American], he says that his purpose in recording and manipulating what he hears is “... to sketch in sound the experience of being in an unfamiliar place.” In the text accompanying Emil Klotzsch””s Tiefe Berge Autoplate release [APL036] whose sounds are based on processed organic field recordings recorded during a visit to the Scottish Highlands, he comments that “...the music is a mirror of the subjective feelings I experienced...”

Sometimes field recordings are used to add an additional layer of sound to a composition - one more texture of interest - a little something extra to convey a sense of time, place, and purpose. Other times, the field recordings themselves are the source of the sounds - serving the dual purpose of reflecting the impressions of the creator and encouraging the listener to create his/her own.

Sometimes field recordings are just gently processed and still maintain their true quintessence. Other times, as Christopher McFall put it, they are “engineered beyond recognition (text accompanying A Starved-Strafe Lancing Machine [CNV25])”, and the listener is left only with ghosts of the original sounds - disembodied from the parent source and awaiting to be captured and made sense of by the listener.

As far as I can tell, all the selections here have some connection to field recordings (or captured sounds). But for one possible selection, nothing here is a pristine (no phonography per se) field recording.

A search of the Archive under the subject “field recordings” gives a substantial list of results, and what I’ve selected here is just a snapshot of what is available - a reflection of my personal preferences and tastes.


PLAYLIST {M3U attachment follows]:

1- 2. Emil Klotzsch - Tiefe Berge [Autoplate] || sctl117 + sctl12

3. Brian Lavelle - The Houses of the Russians [Conv] || Faint Lights

4 - 5. V/A- A Baker's Dozen [Part 1 & Part 2] || [sic] - Bells of Beaconsfield + Mnortham - Owenoi[adz001]-04-[sic]_-_bells_of_beaconsfield_lowq.mp3[adz002]-06-mnortham_-_owenoi_lowq.mp3

6. ANGELswing - As Everything Fell From The Sky [Dark Winter] || The Rooftops Were On Fire and No One Cared

7. Off The Sky - Studies Of Lifeform In Transit [Autoplate] }} Everyday Deterioration

8. Daniel Maze - Elementary EP [Top-40] || One More Before the Grade 7s (flutes only}

9. Spagirus - Conjunctium Animorum

10. Formication - Pieces for a Condemned Piano [Dark Winter] || The Final Stage of Trauma

11 - 12. Peter Prautzsch (Palac) - Old Cassette + In the Afternoon We Sat Down and Talked

13. Pacta Sunt Servanda - A Trap It Is [It‘s a Trap] || Reinvent the Reincarnation

14 - 15. David Fungi - Organic Shade Vol. 2 [Sinewaves] ||Wood and Wind and Water + Gia Vissuto

16. Gultskra Artikler - Gololed [Autoplate] || Logole

17. Clutter - Shopping in a Shipyard Town [Earth Monkey] || S/T

18. Coeval - Distante [Minusn] || Psicoanalisis

19. Normal Music - Let's Do Really Strange Things And Call Them Normal [Autoplate] || Migratory Patterns of Youth

20. Mark Hamn - Function Buttons [Complementary Distribution]| || Autre Chose

21. Adam Mokan - Dancing Sandwiches (Vol.1) [] Restless Spirits

22 - 23. V/A - Far Afield: A Webbed Hand Compilation [Webbed Hand] || Eric Bollman - 14th Street + Thantos Chrysalis - Afar

24. Jonas Lindgren - Radioskugga || Track 02

25. Brian Lavelle - The Houses of the Russians [Conv] || Blessed Medals

26. Telepherique vs Rudra Vena - North || Karnchatka

27. /DEX / h.h.t.p. / -ED - Micro_Motion [Nexsound] || Zeel

28. Doc - Nein Absolut Nicht [Music Trade] || Nyphenburg Dub

29. Doctors Wood - Cyclopsychosomaticsemantic Experience

30. V/A - Norberg 2005 Field Mixes [Musictrade] || Doc - Looking for Sophie

31. Dan Ake - Melophobia [Comfort Stand] || Moose Sighs

32. Mark Templeton - Frail As Breath [Robotopera] || Not Alone Anymore

33. Vesica Piscis (remixed by Elmooht) - Imaginary Films [Post Under] || Cathedral

34. Gultskra Artikler - Moreprodukt [Nexsound] || Gafilter

35. Mathieu Ruhlmann - The Calm of the Suns [Entity] || Aymasa

36. Christopher McFall - A Starved-Strafe Lancing Machine [Conv] || Microdissect

37. Rien a Voir 15 EP [Conv] || As Red As Rubies

38. Mystified : V/A - To Ancient Noise: A Webbed Hand Compilation [Webbed Hand] || Ghosts of the Band

39. Mystified - Emanate [Webbed Hand] || Emanate

40.. Mark McLaren - More Than Everything EP [Conv] || More Than Everything

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Poster: mystified Date: Mar 26, 2006 1:44am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: PROCESSED FIELD RECORDINGS: Experiencing Unfamiliar Places - Reflections of Subjective Feelings

Very interesting / pertinent. Thank you!